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New Starts...

Hi everyone and welcome to the first of what hopes to be many of Thistle's future blog posts!

I decided to finally get around to re-vamping the website. I've not got a lot of technical know how but after a lot of tweaking and playing around, I'm pretty pleased with how it looks and I hope you are, too. I've tried to add more in the way of description about me and the type of counselling you can get from me as well as make it look a bit more slick and easily readable.

I'm always open to feedback to so if you see anything you want to have an opinion on or if there's anything missing you think would be useful, let me know!

I figured today's post could be about new starts - something I think we all do whether we intend to or not. Whether it's a house spring clean, a change to your work website or deciding to make a bigger change in life, we all have new starts throughout our lives.

Leo Tolstoy said "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." and gosh, how true is that? We often want to make changes to the world around us but what about ourselves? I wonder if you can remember the last time you made a change and had a new start with something - taking up a hobby, re-igniting a passion for a sport, perhaps?

I think that sometimes we may find ourselves in a rut, or thinking we're at the bottom of a well looking up, or at the foot of a mountain and contemplating the sheer scale of the climb ahead of us - but the sense of achievement we can make when we decide on a change can be magnificent, and definitely a feeling to take pride in.

Counselling can facilitate that change in ourselves by allowing us the time and space to take those steps, climb that mountain or peer around the corner we've been avoiding. Sessions can take us back to times we don't want to re-live, but I think it's important to know they pave the way for us to go forward, too, with a renewed perspective - a spring clean, if you will.

I hope that by reading the site and having a think about the last time you decided to do something for yourself that you decide, should you find it necessary, to get in touch for a session. You never know, it could be the step you need and the nudge you require to face the mountain...

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